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Love your site Candace! Filled with great information and have learned so much. I am currently a student with the ISSA to become certified as a fitness trainer and have absorbed every bit of information you had to share.Please visit my site and tell me what you think. Still got some work to do to it, but would love your feedback. Thanks again and be well...

Candace Harrison

Thanks Robert! Love your website. You are on the right track...keep up the good work.

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Love your site, I would like to invite you to visit my website. It might be interesting for you.

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truly ghastly. Everyone will write and say: oh, you can read books and play cards and chat like never before but I would be completely miserable! Good luck with surviving this disaster!

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Stacy, I love these. Really I do. I cant wait for more. Could this perhaps be a weekly thing? One of my favorite past times is going on IMDB and hitting up the trivia pages. This is like my movie trivia heroin fix.


I like the trivia too. The other stuff isn't so bad either ;)

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Candace Harrison

Thanks! Keep checking back!

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In fact, the most important exercise of your body is to uphold, and not necessarily please a private education, such as jogging, tai chi is a good choice. Most important is to insist, for example more than five times a week, yes, this will be good.


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I'm glad you found it useful. Please stop by again!

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